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It is clear that the attraction of this destination, such as 320 sunny days a year, natural landscapes, beaches, history, museums, gastronomy, and very important, air connections between the main sending countries and the Costa del Sol airport, are reasons to continue visiting this pearl of the Mediterranean. Here are a few places to stay on the Costa del Sol, a destination that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.


If you think of an urban getaway, it is because you feel like exploring the heart of the city. We recommend you then take a trip to the center of Malaga.

The cultural offer of Malaga has the presence of important museums such as the Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Centre Pompidou Malaga, Russian Museum, etc. Malaga has become one of the most visited and attractive European cities.

Remember that one of the greatest pleasures of all “city break” is gastronomic tourism and get to know the city for the flavor and ingredients of its dishes. In the restaurants and tapas bars in the center of Malaga, culinary art takes care of every last detail.

There is no tourist who arrives in Malaga city that does not stop at El Pimpi. This legendary winery where hundreds of national artists have passed is today also a classic restaurant in Malaga where you can taste the fried fish of the Malaga Bay and many other delicacies, including a glass of Moscatel wine, the sweet wine with Denomination of Origin of Malaga.

And you can say you have been to Malaga if you have spent a day in one of its wonderful beaches. In all the beach bars of the Malaga bay, you will have the possibility to eat sardine pits, something very typical of Malaga, which consists of roasting the sardines stuck on a cane, on coal. 

To see a beautiful sunset, approach El Balneario  (Baños del Carmen), walking from the center 3 km along the Paseo Maritimo (you can also get there by bus, line number 11) with a stop at the same door. What was an old resort for the bourgeoisie of the 20s, is today the backdrop of the best images of the Malaga sunset.

We recommend a visit to the Gilbralfaro Castle to have a panoramic view of the city, the classic picture of any Malaga postcard. Once there, you will dominate the city and the beauty of the port of Malaga- Pier One, the Cathedral of Malaga, the City Hall Gardens, The Bull Ring of La Malagueta or the Pase del Parque de Malaga.

And to complete your urban getaway, a stop on the terraces of the Plaza de la Merced (where Picasso birthplace is located), to have a cocktail and recover after having gone shopping at the fashion stores in the center of Malaga.


The beaches of the Costa del Sol are family orientated, many of them have water attractions, beaches with wheelchair access, nudist beaches, and even the scene of the most glamorous beach clubs with DJs (Marbella).

We will tell you which are the best destinations to spend your beach holiday on the Costa del Sol.

From Manilva to Nerja there are 161km of coastline, and therefore there are beaches for all tastes.

If you are looking for quality beaches in Marbella and prefer shallow waters, Cabopino beach is one of the most recommended. It is a family beach that has all the services to spend a full day at the beach. The easternmost part of the beach, that is, the part of the dunes of Artola, is naturist and is one of the favorite beaches among the LGTB collective.

The beach of Alicate (10km from the center of Marbella) also obtains very good ratings, which even in high season the occupation is still average. There you can enjoy an excellent beach with all its amenities, including parking.

If you like the most natural environments, then we recommend spending your holidays in Nerja. In fact, people of Malaga love to spend weekends in one of its stunning beaches.

Here are 3 Nerja beaches that should not be missed:

Burriana beach: A reference of the Costa del Sol, not for being an excellent beach of fine sand, but for having the great paella of the famous Ayo Restaurant, the beach bar that appeared in a famous television series “Verano Azul”

Maro beach: It has rentals of kayaks for excursions (with or without guide) that are worth doing.

Calahonda beach: At the foot of the Balcony of Europe (one of the most visited places in Nerja) is a central and high occupancy beach. Its access is through a staircase.


If you are looking for a luxury holiday, welcome to paradise. On the one hand Marbella has the best beach clubs like Ocean Club and Nikki Beach, where renting a giant sunbed can cost you more than 200€. In addition, the most extravagant and desired fashion firms are concentrated in Puerto Banus, between luxury yachts and gourmet restaurants, at the rhythm of Ferrari and Porsche engines.

The Golden Mile in Marbella and Puerto Banus are the most glamorous destinations on the Costa del Sol. They have always been meeting points for the Marbella jet set and for all travelers looking to spend luxury vacations in the Costa del Sol sun.

Check out the selection of luxury holiday homes in Puerto Banus and the stunning luxury villas in Marbella that are presented to tourists looking for the most luxurious vacations, despite the high cost. 

Michelin stars also have their place in the city of luxury. The haute cuisine of Dani Garcia and El Lago offer a gourmet experience and above all very Mediterranean, using local ingredients from the sea and the garden. 

One should take a day to climb the mountains of Istan (15km northwest of Marbella). There is the Canalon Pond, a place in the middle of nature and almost secret with waterfalls, natural pools, and crystal clear waters to enjoy a real luxury in nature.


If your goal is to go on vacation and spend as little as possible, stay in a cheap accommodation on the Costa del Sol, clean, functional, and in areas where it costs no more than 30€ a night for accommodation.

Destinations such as Torremolinos, Mijas Costa, and Fuengirola fit perfectly with this traveler profile who is looking for a vacation without spending a lot of money on the Costa del Sol, but without giving up good beaches or restaurants with good value for money.

A holiday home in Torremolinos will cost you 30€ a night. We recommend you to walk along the beach of La Carihuela and visit the Battery Park where you can ride a bike, skate or have a picnic.

In Torremolinos, you can eat well and at an affordable price in the Ajopicao restaurant (Casablanca street), a typical Spanish food restaurant where you will also have the opportunity to taste nettles and the famous bluefin tuna from Cadiz.

Also from 30€ a night it is possible to stay in holiday homes in Fuengirola during your stay. If you go with children, Bio Park Zoo is an animal breeding center for species in danger of extinction where you can spend a great day. And to get a better view of Fuengirola, take a ride on the Fuengirola City Tour train that begins its tour on the Paseo Maritimo.

From 36€ a night you have lots of accommodations to stay in La Cala de Mijas. This is mainly a beach destination. The beach of La Cala de Mijas has all kinds of services and accesses for wheelchairs. 

And of course, enjoy (since you are in Mijas Costa) the Coastal Path that runs along the beach of Mijas. This wooden walkway is perfect for walks and feeling the sea in a different way.


If your holidays are with children or teenagers, we recommend our favorite destinations to spend a family holiday in the Costa del Sol, because they are family vacation destinations and have activities for family fun.

Nerja is a beautiful town chosen by families because, in addition to presenting a pleasant microclimate, it offers to combine your stay with activities to practice as a family.

If you want to make an unforgettable trip by kayak, there is a beach in Nerja where you can book single or double kayaks to spend a few hours of fun at sea. You can rent your kayak on the beach of Burriana through the company Educare Aventura, or rent it on the beach of Maro through the company Salamandra Aventura. Get ready to see an impressive waterfall, rocks shaped like animals and even underwater caves. It is a highly recommended activity to practice with friends or family.

Another activity that families love is to visit the Mysterious Nerja Caves. They are only 3 km east of Nerja and very close to Maro beach. Get ready to enter a journey between stalactites and stalagmites of enormous beauty.

And an ideal plan to spend a few hours hiking in Nerja is to walk along the Chillar river. An ideal plan to spend a family day in nature. It is a crossing that crosses the Chillar River and runs largely with the feet submerged in the water. So in addition to walking, it allows you to combine it with a bath in its crystalline waters.

La Cala de Mijas is another of the family top destinations throughout the year. But if your visit is in summer, take your children to Costa Water Park. The kids also enjoy the beauty of Aquamijas Water Park with its 5 slides, miniature golf, a climbing wall, and jacuzzi.

If you are looking for a quiet place on the Costa del Sol, think about a vacation in Estepona. Surprise your family by taking them to see dolphins. Go to the Fishing Port of Estepona where sailboats are rented for family excursions. With luck, you will see dolphins and not only that, but you will also have a good view of the North African coast and even the Rock of Gibraltar.

And speaking of Gibraltar, do not miss the opportunity to make a day trip to Gibraltar. Remember to take your passports.


The towns of the interior of the Costa del Sol allow you other experiences offering accommodation in rural environments and at the same time being near the beach without losing sight of the sea.

To get a little out of that binominal of sun and beach we invite you to take your backpack and go hiking among the white villages, mountain and impressive hiking trails of the Costa del Sol.

If you are attracted to the picturesque white villages with their clean and cobbled streets, in addition to recreating on the geraniums and gypsies ornated balconies, these are the destinations for your rural getaway on the Costa del Sol.

Stay in Frigiliana: just 6km from the coast of Nerja, it is one of the most beautiful white villages on the Costa del Sol. The most characteristic is its Mudejar neighborhood that sports an impeccable state of conservation, and between narrow and steep streets, monuments that are worth a stop appear. The house of Apero, the Torreon, the Church of San Antonio or the Renaissance Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana are some of them.

You can also do a small hiking route through Frigiliana up the Cerro de la Sabina, to get to the old Arab castle, and although there are only remains, it is worth getting here to get a good image of the people.

Another suggestion is to stay in Mijas Pueblo, another beautiful white town west of the Capital of the Costa del Sol, and near Benalmadena, Fuengirola, and Marbella, it offers you a picture similar to Frigiliana, with its sloping streets and white houses with colorful flowers on its balconies, very Andalucian style. Only 8 km separate this town from Mijas Costa.

And if you want to sweeten your vacation, stop by the Mayan Monkey chocolate factory in downtown Mijas Pueblo. You also have the option to visit their cafeteria where you can have a coffee accompanied by home-made chocolates. 

Very close to the coast but breathing a more “typically Spanish” atmosphere is the upper part of Benalmadena. From Benalmadena Pueblo, you have beautiful views of the sea.

We encourage you to discover this white town, a less crowded place than the coastal area, to enjoy the charms of a white, quiet, and well-maintained town. 

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