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Sierra Nevada has become one of the most important tourist destinations in ski season within the Iberian Peninsula and not only for its more than 100 kilometers of skiing.

The Sierra Nevada station is located in the province of Granada, and as a curiosity, its ski lifts reach a few meters from the summit of Veleta peak, the third-highest in the peninsula.

In addition, because of its location just 30 kilometers from the city of Granada, it makes it a popular destination for families who simply want to spend a day in the mountains.

Activities to do in Sierra Nevada

Gone are those days when going to a ski resort was based solely on picking up your material and sliding down the slopes.

Now all the villages where the stations are located offer a wide range of activities for skiers and non-skiers.

And in addition, Sierra Nevada is a very suitable place to enjoy this offer since, despite its altitude, it is one of the stations where you can enjoy more sunny days in the winter season.

In the lower part of town, you will find a recreational area where you can go on sled, descend a small roller coaster or ride a sleigh-bike.

You can also enjoy some of the restaurants that are located around the central square and the streets of the lower area, where there is always a great atmosphere of skiers and visitors, with some places that offer live music or terraces from which to see the sunset.

You also have the possibility to buy a ski pass for non-skiers that gives you the possibility to go up and down, once, to the intermediate area of the station called Borreguiles.

Tips for skiing in Sierra Nevada

The time of the last climb is always a very important fact for anyone who wants to enjoy until the last moment.

In this regard, you should know that the chairlifts that leave from the Borreguiles area are the ones that late close the entire station since it goes up to one of the highest points and all its tracks flow into the town.

Another important fact concerning the end of the day is that the part of La Laguna closes at 16.20, but you cannot go down again because it is the only area of the station that does not have access to the village.

That last climb will allow you to reach the Borreguiles Valley from where you can return to the village.

The most frequented track for that last descent is one of the most popular, El Rio, which is usually filled with initiation level skiers.

There are several alternatives to avoid the agglomerations that this track produces at the last minute.

The easiest is to get off the funicular from Borreguiles, but if you want to descend skiing, you can take the red slopes of narrow roads.

If your level allows it, you can choose to go down the black tracks that go below the funicular, which usually have the best snow.

Another option would be to return from the “Loma de Dilar”.

Where to eat in Sierra Nevada

To be honest, eating in the restaurants on the slopes might surprise you negatively. We suggest to just grab a sandwich or a hamburger on the slopes. They usually good on the slopes of ski stations and at least they are hot.

Where to sleep in Sierra Nevada

When it comes to staying in Sierra Nevada, there is a very important fact, access to the slopes is in the lower part of the village, so it is undoubtedly the best place to book a hotel or apartment, and where you will also find great hotels with spa.

Sierra Nevada extends along the side of the mountain, so its layout is clearly vertical with large slopes.

A one-way road descends zig-zagging and on that road, you will find apartments and hotels until you reach Pradollano.

One of the most interesting and useful aspects is the tow person chairlift in Pradollano located in the lower part of the village.

From there, it goes up to the highest part of Sierra Nevada, making a stop halfway, which makes the station more accessible.

You must bear in mind that this chairlift is only open until 5.30p.m, although in practice it does not close until the tail is finished to climb, which is usually around 7 p.m, depending on the number of people using it.

Ski equipment rental

In Sierra Nevada there are many places to rent ski equipment. The price is around 65€ fro 4 days.

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